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光點工坊是英國藝術品貿易公會(Fine Art Trade Guild, FATG)台灣首家認可會員。此外,我們也是FATG台灣首位取得推薦級裝裱師(Guild Certified Framer, APF)。認可範疇包括裝裱技術、畫框選用無酸性材料、藝術品的保護等。我們可提供三個最高級別的技術──博物館級、保護級及鑑賞級。提供您作品各種裝裱需求服務與諮詢。

GCF裝裱師(Guild Certified Framer, GCF(APF))是國際公認的裝裱師,全世界超過35個國家的裝裱師取得該資格。 GCF的制訂能提供一個平台給各國的裝裱師,以證明他們的專業化裝裱設計和保護,並進一步驗證自己的技能能達到保護級及博物館級別。

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First FATG Certified Framers @ Taiwan

We are the member of the Fine Art Trade Guild from the United Kingdom, and the first Guild Certified Framers in Taiwan. The qualification further validate our processes and materials that are used in framing artwork, acid from framing materials, protecting artwork, mechanical damage and airborne pollution. Framing carried adheres to three of the highest standards which include “Museum Level” “Conservation Level” and “Commended Level”.
Guild Commended Framer is a program that as recognized internationally in framing industry. More than 35 countries in the world have qualified GCFs. GCF offers framers a platform to certify their specialization in mount design and textile framing, and further validate their skills in Conservation and Museum standards.

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